the potential of tomorrow...

Young Digitals Global was founded with the purpose of organising and implementing active and positive citizenship through the arts, culture, creativity, education and digital technology, across the European Union and the world.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, our mission is to develop and promote positive action and social activism amongst citizens enabling enhanced contribution to democracy, the economy, cultural creativity and their own lives.

Young Digitals Global believes that all young people can develop themselves to positively contribute to a democratic and just society in which their needs are identified, acknowledged, and met.

Young Digitals Global has a vision to promote social mobility, knowledge exchange and enhanced cultural awareness through arts engagementdigital technology and active citizenship to support future adults and their communities.

If you are a young person living in the European Union participating on a Young Digitals Global project you will;

  • Have the opportunity to co-operate with both like-minded individuals as well as, crucially, those individuals with different and diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Through this co-operation be encouraged to mobilise culturally, socially and intellectually
  • Develop lifelong skills that support critical thinking around innovation and positive disruption of the status quo
  • Support evolution in personal, community, online and conceptual settings


The philosophy that underpins these values are that participation can begin at any point on the cycle with each supporting the other simultaneously at any moment during engagement.


We believe in Europe.

The concept. The idea. The project.

A work in progress.

History teaches us that we are stronger together.

And we are our best selves when we identify commonalities of unity.

Celebrating diversity.

Celebrating individuality.

In search of our unique.

When economies crash the human instinct is to look within.

To close borders.



Rejecting the possibilities of shared experience and interaction.

Economic downturn is the bed fellow of fear and suspicion.

Division clings to the ideas of yesterday and the prejudices of today, fearful of the potential of tomorrow.

Young Digitals Global is focused entirely on the potential of tomorrow.

The COVID-19 global pandemic taught us that the world is very small.

Social mobility curtailed.

Societies relying on digital culture.

But this is a conversation half started.

We believe in the untapped potential of digital communication and human interaction.

Across borders.

Geographically and demographically.

This is at the heart of everything Young Digitals Global seeks to achieve in a progressive, forward thinking and just Europe.

We strive to determine physical interaction and knowledge share in equal measure.

With the development of the arts and digital culture as the means to build flourishing international communities for the future.

Supporting tomorrows decision makers as the advocates for this success.